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Posted by Puul - September 25th, 2013

Yeaha! I finally finished my Charizard painting and I'm pretty proud of it. Jst take a look:
What do you think? Am I ready to get scouted? :D

Posted by Puul - February 10th, 2013

Team Rocket were the villains of my childhood. Inspired by this song I finally made them a nice little tribute. Check it out:
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/puul/rocket-w ants-to-fight

Posted by Puul - September 12th, 2012

Well well, so it´s art this time. I already wanted to submit some of my art musch earlier, but until now i rather did photomanipulations like this.
So this time i tried something else. I have to admit that i still have to learn lots of stuff, but hey, at least it was fun to make something like this. So check it out, maybe someone even likes it :3

Click me! Come on!

Posted by Puul - November 26th, 2008

At last I submitted a new track, a loop this time. Nothing too special, but I try to make good music (more or less good xD).
But I think I will do a little more stuff in the next time.

Posted by Puul - October 12th, 2008

Haven´t been here for a while. Well, I gues nothing special happened to my submissions, did it?
I visited Amerika the last three weeks. Really a nice country, even if I hadn´t enough time to see everything. However, it´s nice to be back home, but I miss the bagels and the cheese balls ~_~

Maybe I will upload some new submissions soon...

Posted by Puul - August 18th, 2008

Today I submitted two of my older Songs: Rafaels Theme and Örgs Theme. Well... I think it´s easier to create a song, if you have someting or someone to associate with it. Maybe that´s why I made so many themes. The songs are a kind of strange, but the characters, Örgs, Mr Bones and Rafael, are, too ;)

Here is a pic of Mr Bones and Örgs, the clayfigures I made when I was younger (I wish i could show you Rafael to, but he is just a character of a story):

Older Themes

Posted by Puul - August 5th, 2008

Alright! After losing the password of my old account I started this one. However, it wasn´t a pity to lose it. Well, I hope you understand me more or less, cause I´m from Germany and my English isn´t the best - so, try to forgive me if i write some crap ;)

My first submission isn´t rated so well, but that´s okay, it´s just made with EJay, a simple program - I don´t know if you know it...

Erm, i think i´ll write more later, ciao ;)