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Did someone watch it until the fourth time? :D

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Kyle Pulver?

I quite like the game, even if i don´t think that i understand it. Howev,er isn´t this game made by Kyle Pulver? At least I think i downloaded it some months ago from his website...

kurismakku responds:

Yeah, he is in authors list as well.. This is a Flash version ..

Probably the best game i´ve ever played

May heaven grand you fortune... oh man, i curse this phrase!
However, this game is just perfect. The graphics, the music, the gameplay. It all fits perfectly together. When there is one thing that this game told me than it is that you have to be patient.
Oh God damend, level 9 is so hard and i died again and again and... again! Fu**!! ... YEAH, I made it... but... WHAT THE...?! I walked left... and again... Well, I think that describes my intenions about this quite well.
In some games you have to kill enemies to level up, but in this game it feels like getting expierience and leveling up everytime you get a little further in a level.

Ha, I hope you understand what I mean, all in all i spend a long time with this game and it´s already quite... hm, early^^

So, thumbs up and good night ;)

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I still listen to this one up till today. It's kind of funny that it's part of my personal playlist for years now since it's such an unknown song but meanwhile it's a little bit like a part of me. A little treasure that only I possess because no one else, at least in my peer group, really knows about it.
It helped me through some pretty trippy times once and I really enjoy it every now and then while relaxing. Really really well done. You have my appriciation.

Did I ever mention that this is an awesome Audiosurf track? You should try it ;)

Psybot responds:

Haha! I have seen a Youtube video of it. Im so incredibly flattered by it :D

I still have this one on my ipod. Unbelieveable that it´s already about 3 years old...

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I found your thread at the art forum, so I just scrolled through your gallery. I especially liked this one. The pose looks great and the anatomy seems to be very natural. I couldn't have drawn that like this myself...
However, the body (especially the face) is a little pale in comparison to her clothing. Otherwise a nice picture ;)

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